Gambling on Bitcoin online casinos

Even though Bitcoin is quite new, there are several online casinos which accept this cryptocurrency. These gambling platforms hide their players' identities from law enforcing authorities, are fair, and offer several games and bonuses to punters. Bitcoin casinos offer unprecedented authority to their players. Please keep reading this short gambling guide on Bitcoin casinos.

Safety and Security

Bitcoin-based online casinos are extremely safe and secure. Any money transaction between you and your casino will always be secure and confidential. Money goes from your crypto-wallet to your casino, and vice-versa, quickly and safely. These casinos also encrypt their players' data. This means hackers can't see your data at all. Please keep reading this guide.

  • Nevertheless, please gamble safely at all times.

Anonymity is very important for you and your casino. Bitcoin casinos will never declare your identity to others. This is critical for you and others because Bitcoin attracts law- enforcing authorities and hackers. Surely you wouldn't want any unwarranted attention, would you? Thus, Bitcoin-based casinos are for all those who value privacy and anonymity.

Bitcoin casinos and game selection

These casinos offer a wide range of games to players. The game range typically includes online slots, table and card games, live dealer games, progressives and jackpots, etc. You can even play speciality games, such as Bingo on these casinos. Some of these online games might be free for the new players.

Live dealer games are the live versions of Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Experienced punters prefer live dealer games to others for the sheer fun involved. While you play these live games, you can contact the live dealer through your mobile phone, desktop or tablet. Some Bitcoin-based casinos also offer progressives to their players.

Bitcoin-based casinos and special bonuses

If you want special bonuses, then Bitcoin-based casinos are for you. Why do you get special bonuses from these casinos? Since Bitcoin's price is much more than the other currencies, casinos will give you special bonuses. So, if a normal welcome bonus is 100% of your deposit, in a Bitcoin casino it might be 200%.

  • Every bonus is a privilege and not a right

Bit coin-based casinos pay other bonuses as well to their players. If you top up your casino account, you would receive weekly or monthly reload bonuses. Loyal players often get loyalty-based rewards from their online casinos. You might also get high roller bonuses for betting big sums of money on your game.

Bitcoin casinos and fairness

Most Bitcoin-casinos are fair and trustworthy. Their games are run by random computer generators. These are special computer programmes which nobody can tamper or manipulate. Since RNGs can't be tampered, all the games on a Bitcoin casino are completely trustworthy and fair. However, do look out for a seal of approval from organizations, such as eCOGRA.

Even the live dealer games of a Bitcoin casino are fair. Though these games are live, you can track their progress with the help of the cameras in the game studio. But if you still think your live dealer game is unfair, you can approach any independent body. Please continue reading this article.

Bitcoin casinos and responsible gaming

All Bitcoin-based casinos promote safe and responsible gaming. These casinos will never encourage gambling with slush money. Underage players aren't allowed to gamble by these gambling platforms, either. There are other aspects to responsible gambling as well, so keep reading. If you have hit the winning streak, please leave your game immediately.

  • Avoid gambling while using public Wi-Fi.

You can exclude your Bitcoin-based casino from appearing in your search results. In fact, many gambling platforms allow their players to block the former if players feel they are getting addicted. These casinos place social welfare ahead of money and profits. We hope you liked this article on gambling on Bitcoin online casinos.